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Note: The following website contains footage of alleged tests taking place at a Lenovo research facility. The producer of this site has no opinion pertaining to the authenticity of the media.

Welcome to The Lenovo Tapes.

Earlier this year some very interesting tapes were handed to me from a long standing acquaintance of mine. The tapes originated at a Lenovo (the Chinese company that recently took over IBM Thinkpad) research facility and appear to feature test footage. When my acquaintance watched the tapes back, he found some footage that he just had to get it out into the public domain. I’ve watched the material myself and I’ve got to agree with him – it’s pretty amazing stuff.

The Tapes

There are nine tapes in total, featuring hours of footage - most of which consists of an empty room with not much going on. I’ve sifted through most of the film and pulled off some of the most interesting sections I have found. Assuming Lenovo haven’t freaked and threatened to sue me, I’ll post some more soon.


I’ve read just about the entire Lenovo site and although they state that they are a global leader in the PC market who develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products, blah, blah, blah… the tests that appear to have been recorded here are taking things to a whole new level.
Do Lenovo intend to release this technology on the market or are these concept laptops to show what they can do? I’ve done some internet research of my own and found some interesting stuff, have a look
at my links page.

To protect his identity, my acquaintance asked me not to mention where the test facility is or disclose any information about the company he works for, so please don’t track me down and ask me, OK?


Click the thumbnails below to view the video clips.

The first few minutes of footage on this tape are as dull as hell.
The engineers are just setting up the test. Then this happens…


This is special. I nearly spilled coffee over myself when I saw this.


This one will blow your socks off. I found it on the 3rd tape.
I had to watch it several times before my brain would believe what my eyes were seeing.


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