I’ve done some trawling of the internet to look for some evidence that this technology could exist and found some interesting results. There’s some crazy research going on out there.

This is a company that makes mid-air video projectors.

Real holographic projections..

Atlantex Corp. introduces a holographic user interface using revolutionary HoloTouch® technology. Images of controls that float in
thin air.

Here you can find footage of some amazing projects including optical camouflage (invisibility cloaks).

Stunt man and jet pack news story.

More jet pack stuff.

This is a blog about compressed air rockets working without water..

NASA document which briefly mentions ‘orientation thrusters’.

Tiny hovering spy drone.

I couldn’t find anything to do with the shutter/shell protection in the ‘Wayne’ experiment clip but it did remind me of this…

This is an intriguing article from about Lenovo and some of the technology we can expect from them in the future.

Emerging technology from the 32nd International Conference on Computer graphics and Interactive Techniques.

This is footage of a real robotic transformer. It’s got nothing to do with the footage; it’s just cool.


If you search this page of Lenovo’s site you can find a reference to the Thinkpad’s spill resistant keyboard. There’s no reference to the shutter/shell protection that we see in the clip though.

Thinkpad laptops already include something called the Active Protection System which braces the laptop for impact if you drop it. It’s a far cry from hovering laptops but there is an undeniable similarity between the two in that they protect the laptop from falls.

If you click the link you can read about the fingerprint readers they currently have on their Thinkpads. There’s no mention of anything to do with holographic projections, though.